A Crown in Shadows

The Valtain Preludes: Book II

One secret can change everything.

The Harcian Civil War rages on. Armed with lethal Lightning Dust, Rosira’s mysterious abilities, and a blossoming but powerful admiration for each other, Rosira and Araich march upon the city of Vernaya. They have one singular goal: to kill Araich’s uncle, Inor Harcian, and put the war to an end.

But victory isn’t so easy.

Rosira’s newfound powers are still a mystery, failing her when she needs them most. And Araich soon finds that his broken body is the least of his problems. The night grows darker and the battles bloodier as Araich and Rosira are torn from each other, threatened by enemies lurking in every shadow.

Before dawn breaks, they will both have to make impossible decisions to protect their country and each other… even under the threat of becoming everything they sought to defeat.

And, above all, they will discover that a single secret can be more dangerous than a thousand armies.